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              Naturally Good Food

              Bulk Chocolate

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              Buying chocolate in bulk

              If you have the best of all possible jobs - working with chocolate - how could things be any better?! Perhaps the only possible improvement would be if your basic ingredient, chocolate, could be bought at a better price.

              Buying chocolate in bulk

              Naturally Good Food offers a range of chocolate designed for use by the smaller professional chocolate producer and cake-maker.

              Chocolate for cake and cupcake producers

              For those with a real desire to make their cake business work, there is no short cut. Nothing distinguishes the mass factory-produced product from the artisan cake-maker more than the ingredients used. The customer is willing to pay extra for the best, and to achieve this, you need good ingredients you can rely on.

              Many cake-makers are judged on the quality of their chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes. At Naturally Good Food we recognise you want to buy the best chocolate you can: our 2.5kg bags of chocolate are especially designed for the cake and cupcake maker - they don't come in fancy boxes, but are just really good chocolate in a brown cardboard box. You don't pay extra for fancy packaging that frankly you don't want and have no use for. Minimum packaging also means that you don't have a huge battle with the rubbish bin.

              Easy to use, easy to buy, chocolate - so you can get on with your bit, cooking some really good cakes! Oh, and don't forget to taste a couple or two, on the way...


              All sorts of chocolates for all sorts of tastes and needs

              If you are using chocolate and the cake will be eaten by others, you need to consider their needs when buying your ingredients. Are they:

              • dairy-intolerant - but love milk chocolate?
              • vegan - but like white chocolate?
              • or following a gluten-free diet?

              We can cater for all of these! Naturally Good Food is the natural choice for those who are cooking in larger quantities. And if you just want a small amount of a specialist chocolate as well, then we can supply that too.


              Cooking for institutions


              Catering for larger numbers can raise the problem of how to manage the 10 or 15 people with food intolerances, when you simply want to feed them the same as everyone else, making things easier to administer and preventing friction over perceived 'special treatment'.


              At Naturally Good Food we offer a solution for the caterer who needs to provide for those with food intolerances, allowing you to combine your bulk purchase of your main ingredients with just a few lines for those with food intolerances.

              The ability to have complete flexibility in how you order, and over the quantities, is invaluable for those catering for a variety of people.

              Soil Association Catering Mark 

              At Naturally Good Food we are delighted to hold the Soil Association Catering Mark, and fully support the scheme. We want to promote healthy eating throughout the country in as many places as possible.

              Soil Association Catering Mark

              CMASS licence number is: CM06641


              Showing 1 to 15 of 15
              Alternative To Milk Chocolate Drops - Dairy Free 42 per cent Cocoa Sol - 1kg

              Item price: £16.49

              Chocolate Catering Drops Fairtrade Baking - 53 per cent cocoa solids - 1kg

              Chocolate Catering Drops Fairtrade Baking - 53 per cent cocoa solids - 1kg


              organic gluten free dairy free fair trade

              Item price: £12.58

              Couverture Dark Chocolate 54 per cent - 2.5kg

              Item price: £33.45

              Couverture Very Dark Chocolate 73 per cent - Belgian - 2.5kg

              Item price: £37.86

              Couverture White Chocolate - 2.5kg

              Item price: £35.38

              Free From Baking Chocolate - Catering Pack 53 percent cocoa solids - 7.5kg

              Item price: £73.00

              Free From Baking Chocolate Catering Drops - 53 per cent cocoa solids - 1kg

              Item price: £11.50

              Luxury Chocolate Catering Drops - 72 per cent cocoa solids - 1kg

              Item price: £13.06

              Milk Chocolate Couverture - 2.5kg

              Item price: £34.46

              No Added Sugar Chocolate Catering Drops - 71 per cent cocoa - 1kg

              Item price: £12.49

              No Added Sugar Chocolate Large - Catering Pack New bigger box - 7.5kg

              Item price: £79.55

              Organic Baking Chocolate - 7.5kg

              Organic Baking Chocolate - 7.5kg


              organic gluten free dairy free

              Item price: £76.50

              Organic Luxury Chocolate - Catering Pack 72 per cent cocoa solids - 7.5kg

              Item price: £79.98

              Organic Rich Chocolate - Catering Pack 60 per cent Cocoa Easymelt - 7.5kg

              Item price: £79.90

              Rich Chocolate Catering Drops - 60 per cent cocoa solids Easymelt - 1kg

              Item price: £14.44

              At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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