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              Naturally Good Food

              Rosemary Conditioner - 5lt

              Haircare - Toiletries

              Rosemary Conditioner - 5lt
              Brand: Faith in Nature

              Item price: £49.99

              Code: 065.0035
              Barcode: 708002900129

              Skilfully developed with beneficial aromatherapy oils by our own experts to nourish hair and scalp, using Natures ingredients while caring for the environment. Part of our award winning range of natural beauty products.

              Contains traditional Rosemary with its reputed conditioning properties of promoting hair growth and colour, while improving the scalp. A good astringent, Rosemary stimulates hair and scalp renewal and balances oily hair particularly effective when convalescing after illness which can bring on scurf or dandruff.

              Ingredients -

              Aqua (water from the Lake District) cetyl stearyl alcohol* brassica oleifera* rosmarinus officinalis extract** rosmarinus officinalis* (rosemary) melaleuca alternifolia* E141* (chlorophyllin-copper complex) glycerin* cetrimonium chloride* limonene

              (* vegetable origin ** certified organic from essential oils)

              More -

              Paraben & SLES free

              No artificial preservatives or colours

              pH balanced

              Fully biodegradable

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