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              Naturally Good Food

              Black Rice Noodles - 250g

              Noodles - Pasta and Sauces

              Black Rice Noodles - 250g
              Brand: King Soba

              Item price: £2.47

              12 for £26.64 £2.22 ea

              Code: 022.0031
              Barcode: 619286609038
              Organic Black Rice Noodles

              Wheat and gluten free, these unusual noodles are made with black rice, which turns deep purple on cooking. Also known as 'forbidden rice' it has a sticky texture and nutty flavour. Black rice is particularly nutritious containing five times more protein and minerals than ordinary white rice and are rich in iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, selenium and B vitamins


              Ingredients -

              Organic black rice (55%), organic brown rice, water

              Dietary Attributes -

              More -

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              organic gluten free dairy free

              Item price: £2.47

              12 for £26.64 £2.22 ea

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