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              Naturally Good Food

              Raw Almond Butter - 250g

              Nut Butters & Spreads - Jams and Spreads

              Raw Almond Butter - 250g
              Brand: Carleys

              Item price: £6.27

              6 for £33.84 £5.64 ea

              Code: 038.0051
              Barcode: 5055052606897

              Carleys Organic Raw Whole Almond Butter

              Carleys of Cornwall make fantastic raw spreads and nut butters. This is an unsalted smooth almond butter that does still have some texture with out being crunchy at all. Store without refrigeration until opened, this is a vegan and gluten free nut butter which may need to be stirred before use, due to natural seperation of the oils in the almond.

              also available now in a larger 450g jar

               case savings


              Organic Raw Whole almonds

              Dietary Attributes

              Typical Values Per 100g 
              Energy (Kj)2418
              Energy (kcal)578
              Protein (g)21
              Carbohydrate (g)20
              of which sugars (g)4.8
              Fat (g)52
              of which saturates (g)3.7
              Fibre (g)11.8
              Salt (g)0.001

              organic gluten free dairy free

              Item price: £6.27

              6 for £33.84 £5.64 ea

              At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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