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              Naturally Good Food

              Paper Goods

              Buy Big

              Buy big and refill: it's good for the enviroment


              Almost all household goods come with a very long shelf-life - if they have one at all - so there is no need to worry about your washing-up liquid going off.


              This 5-litre carton of fabric conditioner from Ecover demonstrates the advantages of bulk-buying:

              • It comes with minimal packaging
              • It's cheaper than the equivalent volume purchased in litre bottles
              • You need never run out
              • You refill your original bottle, which thus never goes to landfill.


              When we had a shop, refills were our best-selling lines. One year, we calculated that for our small local town, our refill service (in terms of plastic weight) saved the equivalent of between four and five plastic bags per household.

              Work with your neighbours and friends, buy a bulk box and share the contents between you.

              Fewer Chemicals

              Fewer toxic chemicals

              Don't Overclean

              Don't overclean

              There is an important distinction to be made between hygiene and cleaning. Hygiene is about avoiding infection and preventing the spread of infection to others, but good hygiene doesn't mean being wholly dirt-free or living in a bacterially sterile environment. Much research shows that we need the dirt and grime in our lives (and especially, in our childrens' lives) to build up our own natural immunity.

              There is, of course, a need to concentrate on hygiene where it really matters, in areas such as food preparation, after using the toilet, after sneezing and when someone's ill with an infection.

              Our Practice

              Our practice

              In our business we want to adopt the highest ecological standards we can, while maintaining high standards of hygiene. Approaching the issue in a logical and focused way, we have been able to:


              • Maintain high standards of hygiene
              • Employ a minimal use of chemicals
              • Reduce our carbon footprint to near zero.


              Food hygiene

              At Naturally Good Food we need to comply with both national food hygiene regulations (for which we have the highest rating) and the Soil Association cleaning standards, which are fairly strict as to which chemicals we can use.

              As you can imagine, these two different standards can be in conflict at times. We have had to work through a process that satisfies both parties and that can be easily implemented from a business perspective.


              Our premises


              Household news

              In this section you will find blogs on our household products.


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              Kitchen Rolls Recycled Paper - 2rolls

              Item price: £1.66

              12 for £17.88 £1.49 ea

              Sandwich Bags If You care (Paper) - 48

              Item price: £3.99

              12 for £43.08 £3.59 ea

              Tissues - 1box

              Tissues - 1box



              Item price: £2.11

              32 for £60.80 £1.90 ea

              Toilet Rolls Ecosoft Recycled Paper - 4rolls

              Item price: £2.29

              10 for £20.60 £2.06 ea

              Toilet Rolls Ecosoft Recycled Paper - 9rolls

              Item price: £4.95

              5 for £22.30 £4.46 ea

              At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

              News and offers