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              Naturally Good Food

              Aduki (Adzuki) Beans - 5kg

              Pulses - Wholefoods

              Aduki (Adzuki) Beans - 5kg
              Brand: Naturally Good Food

              Item price: £19.07 £17.16 10%

              Code: 006.0021
              Barcode: 5060473555426

              Also available: 25kg

              Aduki beans are regarded as the king of beans in Japan and are prized for their health-giving properties: reputedly benefitting the liver and the kidneys. In Japan and China aduki beans are often cooked, pureed and mixed with sugar to make a chocolately paste which is used to fill cakes and desserts.

              Aduki beans get their name from the Japanese Azuki, or small bean, the large bean is the Soya bean.

              For most families this economy 5kg size represents a good investment; it is not such a large amount that you can't see it would be possible to use and you also get the saving from buying a bulk amount.

              Ingredients -

              Aduki Beans Organic

              Dietary Attributes -

              Azuki beans are a good source for a variety of minerals, with 1 cup of cooked beans providing 4.6 mg of Iron, 119.6 mg of magnesium, 1.223 g of potassium 4.0 mg of zinc and 278 g of folic acid

              More -

              Soak beans overnight in water. Drain and simmer in water for an hour. Alternatively, pressure cook the soaked beans in 2 cups of water for 5-9 minutes at high pressure. If you don't have time to soak the beans, pressure cook for 15-20 minutes.

              If you are making a dish and want to retain the colour, shape and aroma of the bean, do not soak before cooking.

              Aduki beans work really well in stews. They can also be sprouted for salads


              Item price: £19.07 £17.16 10%

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