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              Naturally Good Food

              Wasabi Coated Peanuts - 1kg

              Savoury Snacks - Savouries

              Wasabi Coated Peanuts - 1kg
              Brand: Naturally Good Food

              Item price: £8.58 £7.72 10%

              Code: 052.0053
              Barcode: 5060473553088

              Wasabi flavoured coated Peanuts

              A hot and spicy snack that will clear your head! These are crunchy and savoury and pack a wasabi/horesradish punch. Nibble these Japanese style nuts with caution.


              Peanuts (35%), Modified corn starch, Wheat flour (gluten), Sugar, Dextrin, Salt, Coconut Oil, Seaweed, Wasabi Powder (0.5%) (Wasabi Japonica, Horseradish, Dextrin, Modified corn starch), Seaweed, Colour: E141.(a natural green from Nettles or alfalfa)

              Dietary Attributes

              Typical Values Per 100g 
              Energy (Kj)1866
              Energy (kcal)448
              Protein (g)13.2
              Carbohydrate (g)57
              of which sugars (g)10.8
              Fat (g)18
              of which saturates (g)8.0
              Fibre (g)2.4
              Salt (g)1.0

              Additional Information

              Suitable for vegans, does contain gluten and nuts. E141 is a natural green food colour derived from chlorophyll from Nettles, grass or Alfalfa. This is a product that we have added on request from some customers - it is only just a wholefood!

              Item price: £8.58 £7.72 10%

              At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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