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              Naturally Good Food

              Furikake Seasoning - Sesame and Nori Mix - 65g

              Seasonings - Japanese Food

              Furikake Seasoning - Sesame and Nori Mix - 65g
              Brand: Sanchi

              Item price: £3.50

              6 for £18.90 £3.15 ea

              Code: 091.0038
              Barcode: 5012246022628
              A traditional Japanese seasoning made with the rare black and common white sesame seeds, seaweed and red shiro leaves. Furikake is an extremely versatile, tasty table condiment, excellent in both Japanese and Western dishes.

              Ingredients -

              Black and White Sesame Seeds, Nori Seaweed, Red Shiso Leaves.

              Dietary Attributes -

              Nutrition Information (per 100g) Energy 2270kJ/547kcal Protein 22.0g Carbohydrate 15.5g Fat 44.1g

              More -

              Traditionally, Furikake is used with rice, but can also be sprinkled over grain, pasta or cheese dishes, stir fries, cooked vegetables, potatoes or salads.


              Extremely versatile and very tasty

              A welcome change from Western table condiments

              Provides a balance of protein, vitamin and mineral nutrients, without being overtly salty Recipe Ideas > < back

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              6 for £18.90 £3.15 ea

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