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              Naturally Good Food

              Snack Pack

              Snack packs from Naturally Good Food

              snack packs

              At Naturally Good Food we like to offer healthy alternatives that taste good.


              These handy sized pre-packs of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and bars have the minimum of added sugar and salt: they're the same as our 'bulk buy' products, but in much smaller bags. They fit in a pocket or bag and are perfect to supplement your lunch or give a mid-morning boost. As the bags are smaller, and the contents come in individual packets, you know they are going to be as fresh as possible.

              We like to offer both organic and non-organic snack packs where we can find them. The key for us is that the packs have minimum added ingredients and the contents are as close as possible to their original state.

              If they are available, we opt to list organic snacks that are approved and regulated by the Soil Association.

              For the corporate client, we offer event snack packs

              The company has spent a small fortune on a trade stand, you are amongst all your competitors, and many potential customers are walking past...what do you do?

              Lost at an event, how do you make your company stand out? Simple question, complex answer: you need to do something different. Having stood at many trade exhibitions, we know that it is essential to engage with your potential customers -  we suggest offering them one of our snack packs, branded in your corporate colours.

              We all know that you can put a hundred corporate-branded pens and other give-aways on a stand - but we also know they have little impact. A bowl of sweets (another tired option) may attract a visitor or two, but mostly they just grab a handful and run. So what do we suggest that's different?

              Customised snack packs

              Offering a customised snack for your event will make you different to all the stands around you - and is not as expensive as you might think.

              Corporate snack packs

              Customised snack packs to order

              At Naturally Good Food we offer a customised snack pack service for corporate use. You can choose and design your selection, with (if you want) our expert advice and assistance. Corporate healthy snack packs can be used as :

              • an unusual, healthy gift for potential customers;
              • a way of saying 'we are different, we think about what we do';
              • a way of engaging staff and motivating them, especially if they have regular meetings that are not too popular.


              Doing things differently marks you out - and to be different can be a great plus. Offering great, healthy snack packs branded with your company logo is a highly cost-effective way of standing out from the crowd.


              Cost-effective corporate snack packs

              A healthy dried fruit snack pack will cost about the same as a small bottle of mineral water. If you would like to talk about the options, please ring or contact us for a quote. At Naturally Good Food, you get a great service: we have a huge amount of knowledge about healthy eating. We are small enough that our key staff deal with your order, yet large enough to deliver on time and to budget.

              Impress your clients with a healthy snack

              You have a new potential client: normally, you'd offer coffee and perhaps a biscuit (if you're really trying to impress, it might be a chocolate biscuit)! But what does this say about your company? Nothing really, you're the same as all the rest. So do something different: offer your client a healthy dried fruit snack - perhaps some baby figs wrapped in your corporate logo.

              Offering dried fruit, such as baby figs, is a great way to break down barriers. Your new client immediately thinks: 'these people do things differently'. If your client is looking for originality and ethics, they'll know that you're the kind of people they want to work with.

              Motivate your staff with a snack pack

              Staff don't just work for money - they're also looking for other things. Offering them a small healthy snack during the day can make them feel loved, and therefore feel more motivated. A small cost for better staff relationships (and motivated staff are, of course, more productive).

              A familiar scene in many meetings: death by Powerpoint. Avoid this waste of time and energy - give your staff a healthy snack while they sit through a presentation. We don't expect our children to work properly without nourishment, so why expect your staff to?

              Our customised snack packs are quick to pick up and nibble. There are no long delays as you prepare them, they're easy to snack on from an office chair, and above all, they're interesting and healthy. Invest in your staff!

              At Naturally Good Food, the bit the staff like most in staff meetings is trying our stock - we all get to sample new lines. Somehow, just talking and sharing produces a good working environment.


              Use healthy snack packs as part of your brand

              For many companies, the brand is very important, and a large part of the value of the company. But your brand is not just what you do - it's what you stand for: your ethics and how you view the world. As a company, you want to be seen as honest, straight-forward, innovative and open. A wholesome, healthy snack pack clearly shows these attributes. With our corporate snack packs, you can use the wholesome, straight-forward nature of our products to illustrate your values.

              Corporate gifts do's and don'ts - healthy snack boxes tick all the boxes

              It sounds really cheesy, but a healthy snack pack or snack box fulfills all the 'do's' for a good corporate gift and avoids all the 'don'ts'. Here's a quick guide to our view of a good corporate gift:

              1. DON'T give expensive gifts. You're not trying to bribe someone (that comes later! Oops, sorry, just a joke)! A gift that is designed to make the customer feel obliged to buy from you is not a sensible gift; gifts should be light and friendly. It is difficult to see how a small, healthy snack box could be construed as either expensive or a bribe.

              2. DO follow all laws, customs and regulations - for some professions, accepting a gift from a client is either unethical or illegal. Journalists, for example, are forbidden to accept gifts from companies they cover. Gifts presented to government officials can also be dicey. Check out all these before giving anything - but a small, inexpensive snack box (perhaps of dried fruit) is unlikely to break any cultural norms.

              3. Give a gift in line with the brand you are trying to present: the simpler the message, the easier it is to remember. A tasty snack presents a simple, clear message.

              4. DO gift something meaningful, that perhaps would be of interest to members of the wider family - if your gift can make it from the office to the home, then you're on the right track. A gift that ties into a customer's outside interests and which is unusual is more likely to be memorable than something that's generic or might appeal to anybody. The more it matches the customer, the more it will be appreciated.

              5. DON'T give promotional items. If a 'gift' is something that you'd hand out at a trade show, don't be surprised if the customer is not that impressed ('great, another pen, I’ll add it to the thirty others in my drawer at work'). A well-presented snack box is seen as different and to be remembered; a small gift that sticks in the mind, not the drawer, is much better.

              6. Try to capture the moment - we all have those New Year resolutions of going to the gym, giving up smoking, eating more healthily. A healthy snack box appeals to us all; it’s aspirational, but within reach, giving you a gentle nudge in a good direction.


              Snack packs for kids


              If you are in your middle years, or older, then perhaps you can remember your parents saying: 'don’t play with your food'. This is very sound advice, especially if you’ve got the Queen coming to tea - but for most of us, the Queen is a rare visitor, so perhaps having some fun with food can have its place, especially if it encourages healthy eating and conversation. Our healthy snack boxes can promote a fun approach to healthy eating. Here are some ideas:

              1. Dried fruit draughts – keep the draughts board, but replace the counters with a selection of dried fruit. When you take a piece, you get to eat it.

              2. Fig flip – a game best played outside, with no adults about. Take one school ruler and some small baby figs. Try either to flip them as far as you can, or flip them to a friend to catch in their mouth. A bit messy - a sort of mini-food fight!

              3. Winging walnuts - a game for the budding engineer! Construct a paper aeroplane that is capable of carrying a walnut for a distance of 5 metres.

              The best games are those that kids invent for themselves: last year we send out samples of dried fruit to some of our customers and we were astonished by the response. We were aiming to get a reaction from our traditional old-school wholefood customers, but instead we got appreciative replies from the new school: from parents of small children who were delighted that their kids took the dried fruit into the garden as 'emergency rations' as they camped on the lawn.

              If your kids have a snack while watching TV, try offering a healthy option. Junk the junk food: good snacks are an important part of a healthy eating plan throughout the day, but most also want to eat snacks for enjoyment, and not just hunger. Our alternatives are all healthy, safe, fun and require no preparation.

              With some thought, food can be healthy, fun and exciting, all rolled into one single snack pack.

              Try a new product

              A snack pack is a great, risk-free way to try a new product. If you don't like it, you've not wasted too much money. It's also useful if you only want a small amount of a product and are unlikely to use the ingredient again soon - a snack pack allows you to make your special dish at minimum cost.

              Try one of our organic snack packs, to see if you can tell the difference.

              News on Snack packs from Naturally Good Food


              Healthy snack brands by mail order


              We treat our healthy snack packs in the same way as the rest of our product range. If we do not pack the products ourselves, we look to list products packed by people we trust, with a clear supply chain (indeed, our suppliers often buy direct from the farm). We stock snack packs of nuts and dried fruit from a number of suppliers, including:

              • Biona - the Biona Chocolate Brazils may not rate so highly as other snacks on the health food chart, but the combination of large organic Brazil nuts and thick dark chocolate can't be missed.
              • Crazy Jack - our close relationship with Crazy Jack means that we can offer their complete range of small pre-packs of organic nuts, dried fruit and seeds.
              • Doves Farm - among the snack lines we stock are a number of flapjacks from Doves Farm.
              • Infinity Foods - the growing range of pre-packs from Infinity Foods offers the chance to try new and exciting, healthy and organic, snacks. These include Organic Cranberry Mix and Goji Berry Hi-Energy Mix, as well as a tasty new range of naturally flavoured cashew nuts.
              • Queenswood - the snack packs from Queenswood fill many of the gaps in the other brands' ranges. For us and customers, they are a 'must stock' brand: for some of the snack packs they offer, there is no alternative.


              Perhaps the most exciting snack packs are those you choose for yourself: let us know what kind of packs you would like and we will see if we can help. We can create these packs in corporate colours if you wish, or - for children's party bags, perhaps - we can customise the bags for you. These bags are available in wholesale quantities for corporate use, or in smaller quantities as required.


              At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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