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              Naturally Good Food

              Sports Nutrition

              Natural sports nutrition


              What is sports nutrition?

              For Naturally Good Food, supplying you with sports nutrition is a new concept. It came about by looking at what our customers were buying.

              What we saw was a common thread in the products that initially we failed to identify; eventually, by looking closely at e-mail addresses, we realised that many of our customers were very keen on sports.

              With this in mind, we started to think about 'sports nutrition' as a category to add to our site. Somehow, though, the words 'sports nutrition' seemed to conjure up images of muscle-bound body-builders in a gym.

              As a regular gym-goer, this is not my view of the typical person in my gym (and certainly not of me)! We all, for one reason or another, wish to live a healthy lifestyle, so from our point of view, sports nutrition is for everyone. It is, in fact, for anyone who breathes, moves, eats or lives! It's simply a lifestyle that leads to optimum health.

              Sports nutrition involves what and how we eat, which nutritional supplements we take (if any), and how we exercise. This combination has led some individuals to refer to sports nutrition as an art, or a science.

              Sports nutrition can and should lead to improved sports performance, but even if you are not trying to boost your sports performance, we should all look to improve our general health - and following a good diet is a key element of this.

              There is no magic food or short-cut that will provide your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs. It is therefore important to maintain a balanced diet. If you feel that you need additional protein, then we stock a range of vegetable-based proteins.

              Exercise and diet are linked; taking more exercise should not be seen as an excuse to gorge yourself on unhealthy food; but rather, thought of as a spur to eat more healthily.

              Exercise and diet need to be considered as a whole, and not as separate actions. Shopping at Naturally Good Food will provide the diet end of a healthy lifestyle: you now need to do the exercise!

              And if you want a great deal on 'Superfoods', then we could be for you.

              All the evidence shows that for a healthy lifestyle you need to:

              • take regular exercise
              • eat properly
              • not smoke and don’t drink too much

              Physical activity does not have to be vigorous; everyone and anyone, from young children and teenagers, through to pregnant women and the elderly, can incorporate at least some form of exercise into their daily routine.

              Whether you are just trying to get started with exercise, or are a professional athlete, nutrition and hydration play a key role in physical activity and training, providing you with the fuel you need in order to carry out the exercise.


              Weight control is dependent on what you do and what you eat; if you eat more food than you use on a daily basis, you put on weight. In essence, the energy we put in should balance with the energy we use, to maintain a steady weight.

              This energy is measured in calories, a word that we are all familiar with, as it is how our intake of food is calculated. On average, a man needs around 2,500 calories a day to maintain his weight; for a woman, this figure is slightly lower, at around 2,000 calories per day. These amounts are just approximate and can vary depending on a person's age, level of physical activity and a combination of additional factors.

              Often when individuals are trying to maintain a healthy weight, they can become focused on monitoring their calorie consumption. However, it is important to remember that eating a healthy and balanced diet, and staying physically active, are the main components of overall health.

              Naturally Good Food supplies the UK's leading sports nutrition provider

              Buying direct from Naturally Good Food, you are in great company!

              • Soulmatefood, the UK's foremost provider of bespoke meal plans, lists Naturally Good Food as its only non-local supplier. Indeed, we are noted as one of the reasons to use Soulmatefood!
              • Soulmatefood has an impressive client list of major athletes as customers, give a ringing endorsement of the basic foods we supply.

              We are really proud of this link to Soulmatefood: it is one of a number of factors that led us to add a Sports nutrition section to our own site.

              Additionally, we can see from the address details of our customers that we are delivering quality food to dedicated athletes and gym-goers across Europe.

              Recommended from River Cottage to LA

              It's not just in the field of sports nutrition that we are seen as supplying the best of ingredients: we are also recommended by leading cooks and chefs both in the US and the UK, from River Cottage, to LA.

              Train with friends, why not buy with friends?

              Training and any sporting activity seems naturally better if done in a group - so why not think about clubbing together and combining your individual food orders into one big one, letting you benefit from our standard 10% case discount?

              You could see if your gym would act as a delivery point.

              To make buying with friends easy, we even have a spreadsheet available to work out everyone's order: please enquire for the latest version.

              Vegetarian sports nutrition/gluten-free sports nutrition

              With the exception of our fish products, our sports nutrition lines are vegetarian; of these, the majority are also vegan.

              If you are following a gluten-free diet, then we have many sports nutrition products that are suitable. Many of our pastas and noodles are made with gluten-free ingredients.

              Why natural sports nutrition?

              The aim of this part of our site is combine the concepts of 'natural', 'sports' and 'nutrition'. We hope you don't find any products that are not natural. We look to list products that are simple and honest and, where possible, organic.

              In researching the products to put into our sports nutrition category, we examined other sites that specialised in sports nutrition. We came away with the impression of lots of products that were far from natural: they seemed to have a huge cocktail of ingredients, many of which it was impossible even to imagine. They seemed closer to the chemistry lab than to any food product we had ever come across!

              It seemed that the words 'natural', 'sports' and 'nutrition' were just not really connected together. We resolved to make an effort to be different - firmly believing that natural nutrition is the healthiest way to eat, both for sports performance, and for life in general.


              Sports nutrition tips

              As we come across little tips we think you might find of use, we add them to this page via our blog post. We hope you find them of use.


              Sports nutrition recipes

              One of the main problems with energy gels and sports shakes is that they get very boring after a while! To combat the rather dull traditional sports nutrition diet, we've listed a few recipes for different snacks and meals that can be considered as part of 'sports nutrition'. You will need to put a little effort in to make them - but you will also know just what you are eating.



              News on natural sports nutrition from Naturally Good Food

              On this page you will find all the new things we are doing in the area of natural sports nutrition.


              At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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