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              Naturally Good Food

              We're Naturally Good Food - the online wholefoods, organic and 'free from' specialists!

              From our eco-base in the deep green Warwickshire countryside, we send the world's best and healthiest foods all over Europe and beyond.

              We've grown from a kitchen-table business to an international dispatch service: we're passionate about what we do and about sharing that with our customers.

              A little about our history

              In the early 1990s, with a young family at home, Sue and Cathal McGrath started a wholefoods buying group from their kitchen table. As the kids grew up, the business grew too, first into a vegetable-box delivery service operating from a shed at the bottom of the garden, and then into a shop, located in the lovely Leicestershire village of Cotesbach.

              Here, Sue and Cathal welcomed hundreds of customers and began building up their distinctive range. Gradually, they became aware that there was a hungry customer base beyond Leicestershire, and started a mail order service across the UK.

              The mail order service took off apace and the business eventually outgrew the shop space. After much searching, a perfect new base was found, on the banks of the River Avon, just across the county boundary in Warwickshire.

              It's an idyllic location: about a mile to the next building, with an abundance of wildlife all around. Swans and geese frequently swoop down to the river, while hares bound around the open fields. It's not unusual for a staff meeting to be interrupted by a sighting of a stoat (or is it a weasel)?!

              It's a site and a building that perfectly fits our environmental needs. We have ground-source heating, highly effective solar panels and a bio-composter (meaning that only clean water leaves the site). The large windows have huge solar-gain properties, cutting down on heating costs significantly.

              In 2017 Sue and Cathal formally retired from the company. They handed over to the Brand Cloud Group, an umbrella group of companies providing organic and natural products.

              Naturally Good Food has come a long way since its beginnings. Driven by passion, expertise and a desire to help everyone experience the very best food, we expect it to go even further in the future!

              Packaging and the Environment

              We are very aware of our customers' desire to minimise their impact on the environment. We too keep our use of packaging to a minimum. Click here to see our Packaging and Plastics policy.

              Meet the Team

              Tony is the operations manager of Naturally Good Food. He has a background in the catering industry, so is just the chap for organising our staff, suppliers and stock.

              Janice is the accounts administrator for NGF. With previous experience in the banking industry, she now keeps our finances nice and tidy.

              Yzanne is the blog-writer and editor for Naturally Good Food. She has got a wealth of writing and editing experience behind her, and loves nothing more than communicating the NGF enthusiasm for good, natural food. Yzanne is also in charge of the organic packaging area, so really does get hands-on with all the NGF own-brand products.

              Keith, the 'steady hand' of NGF, came to help out in a busy period one Christmastime, having taken early retirement and never left! He manages the Orgran packing area, and knows more than almost anyone about these prescription products.

              Helen is a farmer who works in the packing department of NGF a couple of days a week. She is an expert in just how the countryside works, with a sound understanding of the importance of good soil, our varied weather and other farming matters.

              Rob is our cycling champ, a winner of a number of high-profile cycle races. He cycles to join us each week in the packing department and has plenty of advice to give on both exercise regimes and natural nutrition.

              Przemek is passionate and knowledgeable about vegan food and plays a big part in the vegan community in Warwickshire. He enjoys travelling around the countryside in his camper van (complete with wood-burner!) at weekends.

              Christina weaves willow and holds Forest School sessions when she's not helping to pack and answer the phones at NGF. She's very hands-on with countryside matters - and is vegan too.

              As you can see, we're a small team and with that comes passion and accountability. Your order or query will get individual attention.

              We don't have conveyor belts running through the building - but we are efficient and we care.

              Get in touch:

              If you need to contact us, please e-mail us at:

                orders@naturallygoodfood.co.uk or tel. 02476 541990

                Legal Bits:

                This website is owned and operated by: Naturally Good Food Ltd,

                The Haybarn
                Newnham Ground, Kings Newnham Lane
                CV23 0JU

                Vat number: 748 0779 92

                Company registration number: 04854481 (registered in England and Wales)

              To access our full terms and conditions, please click. Our delivery charges are based on where a parcel will be delivered and its weight: they can be seen in our delivery charges section.

              At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

              News and offers

              About Naturally Good Food
              About Naturally Good Food

              “ At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse. ”

              We specialise in offering case discounts and supplying in bulk. If you need a 25kg sack of rice, or 10kg of organic nuts, or just 100g of sunflower seeds, we are the company for you! With these larger quantities, you can expect to make substantial savings. Now is a great time to save some money and eat a healthy diet.

              Contact Naturally Good Food

              The Haybarn
              Newnham Ground, Kings Newnham Lane
              Bretford, Rugby
              CV23 0JU

              Phone: 02476 541990
              Fax: 02476 541994
              Email: orders@naturallygoodfood.co.uk