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              Naturally Good Food

              Emile Noel

              Emile Noel Oils by Mail Order. Emile Noel produces virgin, first-cold-pressed, organic oils. Emile Noel also started a number of projects in Malawi, dealing with small farmers in the early 1980s. It has recently been awarded Fairtrade status for the seed it buys from there.


              The founder (Emile Noel himself) was horrified by the use of volatile hydrocarbons such as hexane in the extraction process of oil, and the use of compounds to filter it. 

              Furthermore, he found that the standard hot press technique used to extract oil burned it, meaning that the oil had to be bleached, and denatured, to return it to a palatable state. His philosophy was simple. Start with quality seed and take extraordinary care in the process. Ensure that at all times in the process you would be happy to dress your salad with the natural oil.

              In 1966, Emile Noel was the first huilerie in France to produce virgin, first-cold-pressed oils. Noel employed a 'continual screw press' that allowed vegetable oil to be extracted at low temperature (below 70°C), so that the oils retained their natural integrity and flavour. He then went further. Considered mad by his peers, he banished hexane from his production plant, and used a series of fine cotton gauzes to clean the oil.

              First French organic oils: the company was the first to produce such cold-pressed oil, and by taking the extra steps in their process, Emile Noel became unique among oil producers. In 1972 Emile Noel was the first oil producer in France to crush organic oils. It was at this time that Community Foods commenced its trading relationship with the maitre dÂ’huilerie. Community believe that no finer quality oils can be found. Not simply the process, but the philosophy of the company, fell completely into step with Community's own ideals.

              The Emile Noel story

              The attached pdf gives the Emile Noel story in great detail; for those who value their oils, it makes interesting reading.


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