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              Naturally Good Food


                 Fish 4 Ever by Mail Order

              Fish4Ever canned fish is a better alternative to unsustainable fishing, so you can eat fish and become part of the solution to fishing issues, helping and siding with those fishermen, packers and processors who want to fish sustainably.

              Fish4Ever fish is delicious in taste and produced in the most 'sea-friendly' and 'earth-friendly' method.


              To see the full Fish4Ever story, visit their excellent Fish4ever site.

              Organic Ingredients

              All of the Fish4Ever 'land' ingredients are from organic agriculture, and are certified and controlled in accordance with organic regulations.

              Fish4Ever sustainability

              At Fish4Ever, it's not just the planet that is of concern - it's also its people. Fish4Ever believe in social sustainability, supporting local fishing communities and making sure that the company's actions do not harm existing communities by taking away their resources and their livelihood.


              • Support local and traditional fishing communities.
              • Do not work with any fisheries that are the result of an unequal deal between poor countries and rich countries, whereby the fishing villages in poor countries find that they no longer have fish to fish, to process, to eat or to sell, because that fish has been sold by contract by their government to one of our governments!
              • Do not support sweatshop-type factories in developing countries with no labour rights, bad working conditions, poor standards of hygiene and a generally negative impact on the community where they are based.


              Some news about Fish4Ever


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              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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