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              Naturally Good Food

              King Soba

              King Soba Noodles by Mail order.  A brilliant range of noodles, with great variety. A firm favourite at Naturally Good Food homes.


              King Soba product information

              • King Soba organic and Fairtrade Thai noodles are made from certified Fairtrade, organic brown rice. They have a delicious nutty flavour, while retaining a typically light and springy texture. Wheat- and gluten-free, both the pad thai and vermicelli type of noodle lend themselves to the preparation of many hot and cold Asian dishes, such as stir fries, soups and salads.
              • King Soba organic ramen noodles are often served with miso soup‚ a nutritious fermented food made from soybeans. Ramen noodles are Japanese-style nest-shaped blocks of noodles, which unfold on cooking. King Soba's organic ramen noodles have been carefully made from brown rice flour or buckwheat flour, giving them a high fibre content.

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