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              Naturally Good Food


              Sanchi Japanese Products by Mail Order - Sanchi is a premium range of Japanese foods made in an uncompromising, traditional manner, from the highest quality ingredients and by the highest quality methods. Sanchi tamari, for example - a wheat-free soy sauce made with barley and soya beans - is naturally fermented in cedar wood barrels for a minimum of 18 months. It is extremely rare these days to find manufacturers who still produce in this traditional, but high quality way. If you are looking for Japanese food you could try the Clearspring Range and for all our Japanese products, which includes many noodle options.


              Sanchi Japanese Foods by mail Order

              Sanchi have won the Daily Mail 'organic new product of the year' award for their tamari. This, and all of their products, are based on the macrobiotic principles of food production.

              The company that makes the Sanchi range was the first Japanese food manufacturer to obtain organic certification in Japan, in the 1980s, and the first company to introduce organic versions of traditional products at that time. Sanchi's uncompromising views on quality of production, and ingredients, mean that you can enjoy unsurpassed flavour.

              Sanchi Range

              Sanchi offer a wide range of traditional Japanese ingredients hard to find outside of specialist Japanese stores. Whether you're interested in making your own tofu using nigari tofu coagulant (also available in bulk for real tofu fiends!), or want to sample the health benefits of sea vegetables and miso, Sanchi have authentic, traditionally made Japanese ingredients produced to strict organic and macrobiotic standards.

              Sanchi's less exotic ingredients are no less excellent either - their cedar-matured tamari soy sauce has won awards for its rich and delicious taste.

              10% Case Discount

              As with all the products we sell, we offer a standard 10% case discount on the whole Sanchi range. If you want larger quantities of any Japanese products, please let us know. We can generally get them, and bulk is cheaper.

              Japanese Producers

              Sanchi maintain strong links with their producers, travelling to Japan to develop relationships with growers, producers and processors, to ensure the supply of traditional Japanese high-quality goods.

              The Sanchi teams travel regularly to meet their key suppliers and, in conjunction with their technical team, have worked closely to ensure that products and factories comply with consumer requirements in the UK. Such is the strength and experience of the relationships, that Sanchi is not only imported into the UK, but also exported from the UK.

              MUSO are one of the main Japanese healthy eating suppliers and a partner of Sanchi. As well as being experts in Japanese food production, MUSO are also macrobiotic specialists, with a history of promoting healthy eating dating from the 1960s.


              At Naturally Good Food we look to offer the best wholefoods
              and free-from foods to match your larder and your purse.

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